Equipment Readiness

Install and Link sensor and PLC data.

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Data Analytics Service

Customized dashboard for your plant engineering & maintenance teams.

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Component repair & refurbishment

Largest repair network in North America

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End-to-End Up time Performance: You are in control!
  • Provide 24/7 Dashboard with industry leading analytics for your plant Engineering & Maintenance teams
  • Monitor component installed sensors and targeted PLC data
  • Connect multiple brands of equipment and sensors – single view
  • Dramatically improve OEE and throughput
  • Provide solutions for old and new equipment.
  • Refurbish and Repair components – JIT
  • Eliminate machine downtime due to component failure
  • Reduce under cycle and under cycle conditions to increase OEE & throughput
  • Conduct maintenance activity in planned maintenance windows
  • Prevent catastrophic failures
  • Increase Capacity
  • Reduce Capital Expense
  • Reduce Working Capital
  • Reduce Capital Requirements