Our Story

We come from the automotive and industrial industries where 24/7 up time is demanded, with over 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies.   Two of our founders operate a successful machine component repair  business that delivers significant performance to the factory floor.  Our company is focused on providing leading solutions to support industry 4.0 and IOT through Predictive Data Intelligence.  This provides critical machine and sensor intelligence to increase machine OEE and Throughput as well as predict component failures before they occur.

About Us:

Our InSight PdM Platform allows our customers to predict when components are nearing failure or are not operating within spec.  We then swap components out in planned maintenance times.  The up side, no unplanned downtime, reduce costs, increased capacity, and smooths workflow for our customers’ maintenance teams.  It also allows our customers 70-80% reduction in spares inventories reducing working capital.  Our InSight OEE Platform allows our customers to understand and take action on critical variables that impact their machines and lines operation improving OEE and Throughput by as much as 30-50%

This is how Digital Performance Technologies was founded-Machine Intelligence Made Simple.  We provide a targeted solution to eliminate unplanned component failures and improve both machine and line performance.  Whether you have older equipment, new equipment or a combination, we can provide you with this predictive capability.  We work with all sensor types, manufacturers,   PLC and equipment OEMs.

Our experts work with your plant maintenance teams and engineers to review trends in performance deterioration so improvements can be made quickly and efficiently and  rebuilt components JIT to your factory floor.